Geometry wish list

We currently have;

Things I feel need to be done or improved upon;

  1. - only instantiates the class. This needs to be improved to check the correct ConfiguationDefaults are being called.
  2. - currently only queries the data base by either run number or a time frame. It can also get all beam lines, get beamlines by pulse and get beamline for tag (see CDB API Classes) If this is desirable in the future then it can be implemented. Could also extend this to save the beam line info to file.
  3. The GDMLtoCDB class is currently a little vague on how it downloads the the geometry by run number and this needs to be looked into and checked. This also holds true for the download by dates. What I mean is that a geometry is matched to the run and also the dates specified but this needs to be looked at to make sure the correct geometry is correct for that run or time. When the class was written there was no beamline information on the CDB so this couldn't be checked thoroughly. Perhaps needs tests.
  4. Extend the code to include the new technical drawing tag
    • Done but would like some more print out of the tag and also to be included in the upload stage too.
  5. Hard coded file name for detector STEP link file
    • Each detector/etc has a STEP file that just locates the detector in the CAD. At the moment the file name is hard coded. This should be in the configuration database. Options are:
      1. There is a bunch of metadata stored in the (misnamed) Field.gdml to do with fields, detectors, etc that is uploaded with the geometry that goes with Jason.
      2. This is complete the only future work needed is to write into the style sheet, found in src/common_py/geometry/XSLTScripts, the extra detector tags for each component.
  6. Field map currents are hard coded.
    • Currents are pulled through in a substitution variable
    • But these are not referenced by the actual field map (which is imported from Field.gdml)
  7. Detailed documentation on the whole system for future developers to learn from (Littlefield to do)
  8. Add extra style sheets to transform older geometries which include legacy models. Should do this intelligently.
  9. Automate download and integrate with run control.
  10. Support for diffuser
  11. Support for proton absorber

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