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Rogers, Chris, 06 February 2014 09:09

Geometry release procedure

A new geometry will be released when there is a new survey performed in the hall. The procedure is as follows:

Process Responsible
1 New geometry is released as a set of gdml files - email sent to Chris Rogers and Matt Littlefield Jason Tarrant
2 New geometry is uploaded to configuration database Matt Littlefield (or Chris Rogers)
3 Geometry test period is announced Matt Littlefield (or Chris Rogers)
4 Geometry testing System experts (listed below)
5 Geometry released Matt Littlefield (or Chris Rogers)
6 Update geometry for visualisation tool

The usual system experts are:

System Responsible
Beamline Adam Dobbs
TOF Durga Rajaram
EMR Yordan Karadzhov
Ckov Lucien Cremaldi
Tracker Adam Dobbs
KL Mariyan Bogomilov
Cooling Channel Analysis Group c/o Victoria Blackmore

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