We want to come up with some criteria and benchmarks for validating the CAD-based geometry.

  1. Beamline fields
    • With a reference run setting
      1. Do particles get around D2 with the appropriate momentum bite?
      2. Is the transmission ok?
      3. Cross-check against John Nugent's G4BL simulation of the beamline
  2. Step IV cooling channel fields
    • For a 200 MeV/c, 6 mm ε
      1. Is the transmission ok?
      2. Check β
  3. Materials
    1. Check energy loss for consistency with Bethe-Bloch at 10% level per object
    2. Create material budget table for cross-check by Jason Tarrant
  4. Loading and Processing times
    1. For just pure Monte Carlo, we'd like to keep the processing time to ~ 0.1s per good event
    2. Benchmark loading time
    3. Benchmark processing time

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