• Geometry (Ryan Bayes)
  • Geometry Verification (Stefania Ricciardi)
  • Absorbers (Pavel Snopok)
  • CAD Models (Jason Tarrant)
  • Detector Groups: Tracker (Chris Heidt), EMR (Ruslan)
  • Magnets (Victoria Blackmore)
  • AOB

Discussion Items from previous meetings

  • What is missing to provide simulation for the October STEP1 EMR run?
    • EMR survey will be performed at the end of the run. Performed?
    • Integration survey CAD. Jason has provided a CAD model with TOF0,1 position according to January survey and TOF2 according to October surevy. Ryan is developping a fitter which will take in input the sphere position, information from TOF responsible of the relative position between the survey points and the center of detector, to place the center of the TOF in MAUS. This procedure will be repeated for EMR and any other detector which will surveyed at the end of the run, then a new geometry will be uploaded to CDB backdated at October 4th, when EMR was installed in the MICE hall. Aiming to have something running for a production test in January. An important point which emerged today is that information from detector experts on relation between survey points and center of their detector should also be stored in CDB. In addition, each time a geometry is uploaded in the CDB, information in the comment field should be provided to describe what is that particular geometry for (which CAD design, which detectors have been placed according to which survey, which have been placed according to which alignment). Format to be coded.
    • Magnetic fields (currents from CDB to MAUS Modules).
      Currents are not in CDB yet, but infrastructure exist to read them from there once Run Control writes them. For the time being we use hard wired currents.
    • EMR description (preliminary code shown by Ruslan, to be cleaned-up) and relation Survey points to first detector plane
    • cherenkov and KL descriptions (will be legacy files) - Maryan KL description is probably too detailed.
    • Discussion on the survey of the DSA wall and all beamline elements (Henry) - Beamstop partially obstrudes hole even if open (in QUAD acceptance?)

Standing Actions from previous meetings

  • ACTION translate TOF (from legacy files updated by Durga) to gdml and store to DB (Ryan)
    • STANDS - integrated legacy geometries for TOF, translation to GDML regarded low priority but will be done
  • ACTION: Integrate Absorber (MAUS Modules) by Pavel in new geometry and store to DB (Ryan)
    • STANDS- integrated legacy files with new model for absorber, but not yet in DB
  • ACTION: FIX tracker GDML files - problem in translation to MAUS Modules (Ryan and Chris H.)
    • STANDS
  • ACTION: Improving TRACKER Geometry description - fibres outside fiducial region (Heidt)
    • STANDS
  • ACTION: Victoria Blackmore to implement magnet field map interface (Victoria)
    • STANDS
  • ACTION: Integration of survey and geometry, all TOFs and Cherenkovs have now been surveyed. Propagate the survey info to CAD/DB (Jason/Ryan)
  • ACTION: Ruslan to provide relation between survey points and centre (?) first EMR plane
    • STANDS
  • ACTION: Ruslan to release EMR geometry for MAUS release
    • STANDS
  • ACTION: RYAN to provide interface to fit for best detector positions, given survey points, to place all volumes.
    • STANDS


Jason, John, Ryan, Stefania

Discussion Item in this meeting

Integration survey information from the survey in ths software. Progress made by Ryan in developping the fitting toool. TOF0 can be positioned within 3cm in z and 3mm in x,y from the CAD design. Ongoing software debugging for TOF1 and TOF2 positions.
Tracker/global alignment may benefit of the same/similar tool (?)

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