FS2A lattice

During analysis meeting, few folks were asking about optics codes. I attach a tarball that contains a few scripts to drive the prototype MAUS optics application. In this case I make a plot of matched beta vs momentum.

To reproduce the beta vs p plot, download the attached tarball. Install MAUS version 0.1.1. Then do

source <path to maus version 0.1.1>/
tar -xzf fs2a.tgz
cd fs2a

It works in MAUS v0.1.1, probably not in some previous versions (for bureaucratic reasons). The plot looks like:

Just timing it on my quite good desktop PC, it takes 1 min 50 seconds to generate that plot. Probably we can optimise it.

Folks knowledgeable in ROOT can also extract e.g. beta vs z, angular momentum vs z fairly trivially by using the ROOT output.

Beta vs z at 200 MeV/c:

Angular momentum vs z:

There are some further examples at


Really, right now I am treating this like a personal code until we can do the tidy up (i.e. it isn't routinely tested and sometimes it doesn't work just because I forgot to fix this thing or that thing). Peter Lane is kindly applying some effort to tidy it up...

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