FF 300612

As discussed in software phone calls, we will be having a face to face meeting at RAL on Saturday 30th June and Sunday 1st July 09.00-17.00. I will be available for support and development work as necessary for MICE software.


  • Implement EMR geometry in MC (Leila Haegel, Ruslan A...)
  • Revise KL datastructure (Mariyan Bogomilov)
  • Check Single Station geometry (Matt Littlefield, Peter Lane)
  • Implement Step IV geometry (Pavel Snopok, Matt Littlefield)
  • Residuals from Chi2 Minimsation Fit (Peter Lane)

I will make a more full agenda in the next couple of weeks.

Local Arrangements

We will be in Conference Room 3 building R2 room 3-12. This is Chris Rogers's office. Go to building R2. Walk up the main stairwell until you get to the 3rd floor (4th level). The room is right there.

If you will require a room in ridgeway, you should please let Rose Hayes <> by the Friday and Cc me. Also, as ISIS is off and it is a weekend, we may need to book lunch in advance. Could you please let me <> know if you intend to come so that I can make appropriate bookings. We might go out for lunch if we have enough cars.


There is no registration fee. Registrees listed below:

Name Dates Car?
Chris Rogers 30th June - 1st July 7
Pavel Snopok 30th June - 1st July ?
Peter Lane 30th June - 1st July ?
Leila Haegel 30th June - 1st July ?
Matt Littlefield 30th June only 4
Stefania Ricciardi 30th June later, 1st July 4

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