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Rogers, Chris, 21 December 2011 18:04

FF 130212

Room booked: CR13
Date: Monday Feb 13 - Thursday Feb 16


  • Get ready for online running (close out TOF code and online code)
  • Establish/finalise tracker work plan
  • Close out any niggling simulation jobs


WH means Wilson Hall (ie. the high rise building). The number after it means what floor is it on. The X or XO usually means Crossover - so WH13X means Wilson Hall 13th floor - Crossover.

The lower floors of Wilson Hall do not have any connection between the two sides - you have to either use the elevators or stairs to move across. On the higher floors you can walk all the way around and some of those crossover sections have meeting rooms on them.

Monday AM Hornets' Nest WH8XO
10.00 Set-up
11.00 Task assignment
12.30 Lunch
Monday PM Nu's Room WH12XO
13.30 Integration tests
18.00 Close
Tuesday AM Race Track WH7XO
10.00 Detector integration plan
Transfer matrices + optics
Data structure
12.30 Lunch
Tuesday PM Fish Tank WH13XO
13.30 Online code overview
18.00 Close
Wednesday AM Nu's Room WH12XO
10.00 Tracker plan
More data structure
12.30 Lunch
Wednesday PM Nu's Room WH12XO
13.30 Simulation
18.00 Close
Thursday AM 3 East
10.00 Close out
12.30 Lunch
Thursday PM West Wing WH10NW
18.00 Close out

Local Stuff

Cheap accomodation can be found in the Fermilab village and there is a block of rooms reserved. Please contact Chris Tunnell and Linda Coney to figure out how to get booked into that block. Rooms should be about 15 USD per night.

The usual hotels and short stay apartments can be found nearby. Free bottle of expensive champagne for every registrant.


There is no registration fee. Registrees listed here:

Name Dates Tasks
Chris Rogers (RAL) 24-27 Oct Detector integration plan; general support

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