TOF code discussion

So there was a discussion between Rogers, Rob and Yordan after the online software meeting yesterday. We decided to split TOF code like

Data      MC
 |        |
Digits  Digits
 |       /
Slab hits
Space points
Calibrated times

Presumably each of the words is an output from a map object.

We decided that:
  • Yordan has responsibility for the unpacking step
  • Rob has responsibility for the slab hits, space points, calibrated times
  • Galina has responsibility for track reconstruction (importing Mark's code)
  • Yordan has overall management responsibility
  • Vassil is welcome to contribute, but we want him to focus on getting his thesis done. Can integrate with MAUS as a second step.
  • We didn't assign a name to the Monte Carlo digitisation. There is something there already provided by Tunnell, may need another pass. Galina would be a good person for this potentially (needs input from Tunnell).
  • We didn't set time frame for delivery of components. I think this is an important next step.
  • We had a query/uncertainty on the overhead involved in splitting stuff into separate maps
  • Yordan to define a data structure so the interface between the different steps is clear
  • Yordan to explain task to Galina
  • Rogers to review RealData code (in Yordan's branch)
  • Rogers to investigate overhead of using separate maps rather than one map for all tasks

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