FF 290611

There is a doodle poll here to help choose times.


Denys Wilkinson building in Oxford Physics department
29th - Fisher room
30th - Video conference room
1st - seminar room
2nd - weekend
3rd - weekend
4th - seminar room
5th - seminar room


Depending on whose coming, but something like:
  • Some tutorial for new developers
  • Work towards G4MICE tracker unit tests to space point; begin migration to MAUS
  • Migrate G4MICE TOF online reconstruction code to MAUS
  • Close out Simulation work flow
  • Clean up of cabling
  • Close out geometry work flow

Please fill in the doodle poll and email and if you want to come along.


Start at 10 am each day.

Had in mind something like:

Wednesday Installation, tour for new developers, task list and assignments
Thursday Simulation, beam generation
Friday Tracker
Monday CAD import and geometry; Cabling
Tuesday TOF, EMR

But it really depends which folks show up and when.

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