Software Workshop at CM38

The workshop will be on 27th and 28th February (Thursday, Friday) following CM38.

It will be held at LBNL, Berkeley

Location: Building 71, Room 264

Please sign up if you plan to attend.

There is also an on-site guest house.
Please indicate if you're interested in the guest house option [ note: this does guarantee accommodation ]

The lab guest house is not available.

There are a variety of local accommodations available in Berkeley.

There are LBNL shuttle buses between downtown Berkeley and the lab.

Gate passes are required for entry to the lab and for riding the shuttle.
It is essential that you sign up so that a gate pass can be made for you

Enter your name and affiliation.


  • D. Rajaram, IIT, guest house - yes
  • C. Rogers, RAL, guest house - yes
  • S. Middleton , Imperial, guest house - yes
  • C. Hunt, Imperial, Guest house - yes
  • C. Pidcott, Warwick, guest house - yes
  • J. Nugent, Glasgow, guest house - yes
  • I. Taylor, Warwick, guest house - yes
  • J. Pasternak, Imperial, Guest house - yes
  • M. A. Uchida, Imperial, Guest house - maybe
  • C. Heidt, UCR
  • F. Drielsma, Geneva
  • D. Speirs, Strathclyde


  • Global work plan probably at class-level
    • IT, CR, DR on phone call with PS & PL
    • Agreed that by the next MAUS meeting (March 12): PL to get his latest code into launchpad. PL to provide documentation on existing code.
    • JG,IT to have a first go at work plan by next MAUS meeting (Mar 12) and report at one of the upcoming VCs (Mar 20, Apr 17, May 15)

  • Geometry fits review & merge
    • some geometries fail to download from dev branch. RB investigating fixed and Documentation Wiki updated
    • RB to push fix for ckov fits

  • EMR tracking - data structure, geometry

  • Resolve G4BL integration issues & merge
    • problem was with log scan - test server job passes now
    • MAUS can run with a G4BL input. Need to decide at which point G4BL hands off to MAUS
    • generate a sample file to check the integration and simulate with it (JN)
    • need documentation on how to enable/run with g4bl beam (JN)

  • KL work plan
    • MB to make available a preliminary version of the digitizer (MB)
    • then simulate, validate against data

  • Data structure -- json->cpp
    • blocking CR's online API changes
    • IT to push on it, 90% done
    • Target: ~mid April

  • PID -- Celeste Effect, global integration
  • Trigger MC - test failures, review

  • Spin tracking (SM)
    • modified detector construction to allow spin tracking
    • need to modify physics processes to do polarization of decays
    • simulate toy EMR and see if polarization effect is measurable

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