Software Workshop pre CM39

Date: 23rd and 24th June (Monday, Tuesday)

Location: RAL, CR 12

Time: 0900 BST

Please sign up if you plan to attend.


  • D. Rajaram, IIT
  • S. Middleton , Imperial
  • P. Kyberd, Brunel
  • C. Hunt, Imperial
  • P. Hanlet, IIT
  • J. Nugent, Glasgow
  • C. Pidcott, Warwick
  • J. Greis, Warwick
  • M. Bogomilov, Sofia (second day)
  • R. Bayes, Glasgow
  • C. Rogers, RAL


Global Reconstruction

Analysis interface

Geometry plan

  • Geometry load time down to ~8 minutes (for 10 events)
  • Is this fast enough?
    • To keep up with online, we want ~1 event/second
  • Working backwards from Step IV start date (March 2015), what is the latest that the implementation of a fallback option has to start?
    • Fallback would be legacy geometry reviewed, updated with survey information, and stored in CDB
    • Per Ryan, most of the infrastructure is in place and all that needs to be done is to take out the CAD elements out of the existing CDB geometry
    1. Review volumes in legacy
      1. position
      2. dimensions
      3. materials
    2. Survey interface
      1. CDB table
    3. Field interface
      1. CDB table? (field maps)
      2. Currents
    4. Beamline (3 days)
    5. Diffuser
      1. Barrel + Tufnol (2 days)
    6. Tracker solenoid


  • Outstanding issues are:
  1. MC
    1. Improve trigger pixel simulation -- find the earliest hit and do a slab cross a la DAQ
    2. TDC time -- for all particles/hits in a slab, propagate times to PMTs (done) and sum before setting time @ PMT
  2. Improve calibration procedure -- to try salvage edge pixels
    1. The best option would be to rewrite and include Rayner's position calibration, but this is non-trivial (time estimate = ?)
    2. Easier option to try first may be to tweak existing calibration procedure, loosen cuts, see how/if it impacts errors and resolutions


KL tuning

Ckov MC

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