FF150613 RF

Task specification

  1. Calibration code
    • Can be part of MAUS or standalone code
    • Should be a bzr project
    • Output is written to configuration database
      • time stamped and interface to MAUS
    • Output should be reproducible - record
      • which calibration code version
      • any control variables
      • raw data
  2. Equipment List/DAQ code
    • controls code for DAQ
    • not MAUS
  3. Unpacking
    • Unpacks binary data
  4. MAUS
    • Data structure modified to accommodate RF
    • Some reconstruction to convert RF signals into time stamps
    • Monitoring and reducer
    • Monte Carlo/field map add spill level issues e.g. RF decay, etc
  5. Additionally
    • Controls code - but not your problem
    • DAQ hardware - but not your problem

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