November 4-5
9 a.m. GMT
CR 13, R68, RAL


  • Adam Dobbs
  • Jan Greis
  • Chris Heidt
  • Chris Hunt
  • Jean-Baptiste Langrange
  • Sophie Middleton
  • Celeste Pidcott
  • Durga Rajaram
  • Ian Taylor
  • Melissa Uchida
  • J paskernak

Action Items

  • Need project plan before next CM
    • Input from subgroups
  • Get EMR reconstruction into MAUS
  • Grid
    • validate grid output
      • need access to "private DB" at Imperial(?) since we need to know the version of the reco that was run
    • set environment variable for test outputs (maus/ on grid is protected and grid worker can't write into there)
  • Geometry
    • Validate and merge Ryan's branch
  • API
    • allow JsonValue or MAUS Data as input for mappers to avoid string->json->cpp conversions

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