Example of release burocracy command-by-command

Release 3.3.0

  The following changes were made:
    - TOF-Tracker combined refitter
    - Tracker: new noise model
    - TOF: reconstruction code improvements
    - Tracker: reseeding 

    - Geometry: Corrected lH2 density according to MICE Note 524

Creation of the release candidate:

cd ~/MAUS
bzr branch lp:maus/merge merge 
bzr branch lp:maus/release-candidate
cd ~/MAUS/release-candidate
bzr merge ~/MAUS/merge
  • edit RELEASENOTES (see above)
  • edit README
  • edit src/common_cpp/Utils/VersionNumber.hh
  • -> create directory in and copy the third_party files inside from the previous release (otherwise the build would fail)
  • -> build locally
bzr commit -m "Merge from trunk and bureaucracy for MAUS-v3.3.0" 
bzr push lp:maus/release-candidate


  • comment out build_user_guide() in tests/ (latex)
python tests/

New release:

bzr branch lp:maus
cd ~/MAUS/maus
bzr merge ~/MAUS/release-candidate
bzr commit -m "MAUS-v3.3.0" 
bzr push lp:maus

bzr tag MAUS-v3.3.0
bzr tag (--force) MAUS-v3.3

bzr export /home/phswbb/MAUS/release-candidate/tmp/server_build/MAUS_release_version_3.3.0/MAUS-v3.3.0.tar.gz
md5sum MAUS-v3.3.0.tar.gz >&  /home/phswbb/MAUS/release-candidate/tmp/server_build/MAUS_release_version_3.3.0/MAUS-v3.3.0.tar.gz.md5
  • -> copied MAUS-v3.3.0.tar.gz and MAUS-v3.3.0.tar.gz.md5 in heplnm072:/www/maus/MAUS_release_version_3.3.0/
  • -> copied the documentation from the previous release since has not changed
  • -> edited heplnm072:/www/maus/index.html
  • -> check for broken links

Release on Launchpad:

as in

Last things:

(bzr branch lp:maus/merge merge      latest branch)
(bzr branch lp:maus                  latest release)
cd ~/MAUS/merge
bzr merge ~/MAUS/maus
bzr commit -m "Merge from MAUS-v3.3.0" 
bzr push lp:maus/merge

Release 3.3.1

--> unpdate numpy 1.16 (or latest) on third party

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