Here Jean-Sebastien Graulich and Christopher Tunnell outline what digitization within the offline code is meant to do. First, we discuss what the effects that are meant to be modeled are. We then discuss both what we have in the code and what is necessary for physics.

TOF 'Robocop on a unicorn' digitization

In order, the steps would be for the TDCs

  1. Energy deposited
  2. Ionization
  3. Scintillation
  4. Light collection - visible light goes to the PMT including effects like attenuation and travel time
  5. PM conversion - quantum efficiency
  6. Photoelectron collection
  7. PMT amplification
  8. Electrical signal transport including cable length model
  9. Splitter model
  10. Cable (small) between splitter and discriminator
  11. Discriminator model
  12. Cable (small) between TDC and trigger
  13. TDC model

First order effect is just the light collection since it includes travel time. Second order effect is the cable model between different slabs.

For the ADCs, you (starting at splitter model) have:

  1. Splitter model
  2. Shaper model
  3. FADC model

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