Data Challenge

Talk in the air of a data challenge to take place in Winter 2013/14 (November) in preparation for running in 2014. Aim would be

  • Run the system from datamover through to batch reconstruction using Monte Carlo data
  • Perform a mock analysis.

Trying to capture what are the jobs needed to get such a thing going:

  • Monte Carlo
    • G4Beamline generator (Leonova)
    • Geometry
      • Implement Step IV geometry (Bayes)
      • Validate Step IV geometry (Ricciardi)
  • Detectors
    • TOF
      • Improved Monte Carlo (Rajaram)
    • Tracker
      • Close out reconstruction (Dobbs et al)
      • Calibrations/Configurations/Mapping to CDB (Santos)
      • Geometry to CDB (Heidt)
      • Monte Carlo noise (Heidt)
    • Cerenkov
      • Improved reconstruction routines (Kafka)
      • Fix Monte Carlo geometry/physics (Kafka)
    • Global
      • Global trigger MC (Bayes)
      • Kalman filter (Lane/Taylor?)
      • PID routines (Lane/Taylor?)
  • Tests
    • Load tests
    • Reconstruction integration tests
  • Data challenge infrastructure
    • Fake MC geometry
    • Data "generator"

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