DQ PC170713

  • Stable running for several days
    • Started Monday 15th July at 17:17
    • Finished Wednesday 17th July at 10:15
    • 172747 DAQ events (~ 60k cosmic spills)
    • No evidence of memory leaks
    • Ended because rogers accidentally shut his laptop (!)
    • Running against lp:~maus-mlcr/maus/control-room-3/, which is now merged with trunk
  • MongoDB database size is now capped at 200 MB, about 10 minutes of running
    • Results in much better stability from MongoDB
  • Histogram updates are now done every 60 spills
    • TOF reducer was getting hung up on writing images to disk


  • It is very clear that the current system is not satisfactory
    • Reconstruct -> Make histograms -> SerialiseAsJson(Write to disk -> Read from disk) -> Write to disk via OutputPyImage -> Pass to web browser
  • Write to disk is bottleneck
  • Much functionality is hard to implement
    • Pause/rewind button
    • GUI manipulation of histograms
  • Propose using system analogous to DAQ online monitor
    • Present multiple TSockets one for each reducer
    • Each socket pushes a TCanvas and associated metadata
    • "Viewer" TApplication that reads the TSocket and presents to user
    • Reconstruct -> Make histograms -> SerialiseAsROOT -> Pass to TApplication
  • Discuss
    • Do we ever need to push anything more sophisticated than a TCanvas?
    • e.g. do we want to have detector specific buttons/menus in the TApplication?

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