Contributing to MAUS

First, please install bzr if you don't already have it (see here).

Then go to and register an account by clicking 'Login/register' in the top right corner. Once you've registered, please following the instructions on registering SSH keys here such that you can login to the system. When you run bzr launchpad-login USERNAME where USERNAME is your username, you shouldn't get an error.

Then proceed to the MAUS project in launchpad code area (here) and register a branch that is to be hosted on launchpad. This will create a branch in launchpad called:


or something similar. To push your code to this branch, go into your MAUS directory that you setup in the installation section and run:

bzr push lp:~USERNAME/maus/devel

and if you run into trouble go read their documentation on this (here) or email .

Once you have code you believe should be in the main MAUS branch, email to notify people so it can be merged.

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