Coding Standards

Please conform to the Google styleguide when writing C++ code, Python code, or JSON documents. Please use to check your C++ code. Using pylint on your code is a good idea.

With all style guides: don't follow the criticisms that are false positives since not all make your code clearer. This is up to the humans to determine what's good.

File endings

Python files end in ".py" clearly. All new C++ code should use the ".h" and ".cpp" convention despite there being (at the time of writing) some files in "commonCpp" that use the ".hh" and ".cc" convention. This is because these files are legacy and need to be updated to conform to coding standards. At present they've just been refactored out of the way.

Bash scripts

  • Any given line should not exceed 80 characters (including spaces) for historical reasons from what default terminal sizes are in linux, so within this program I don't exceed 70 since I don't like things cramming up against the side of windows.
  • Any given line should not exceed more than 45-65 of characters (ignoring whitespace) for human cognition reasons (see link), so I've chosen 50 arbitrarily.

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