Analysis wish list

What we have currently:

  • xboa tool - calculates emittance, beta functions, single particle amplitudes from monte carlo data; some ROOT interfaces
  • Optics tool - numerically calculates transfer matrix based on particle tracking; propagates beam ellipses and single particles through the matrices

Basic analysis steps for e.g. Step IV:

  • Test field alignment/scale
    • Use single particle data, some Kalman filter to move/rescale field maps and find best fit?
  • Test lattice optics
    • Optical properties (beta function, etc)
    • Acceptance, dependence on lattice properties
    • Resonance structure
  • Test material physics model
    • Multiple scattering, energy loss distributions, compare with MC
  • Measure emittance change
    • Calculate emittance, calculate particle amplitude, plot emittance in vs emittance out, plot amplitude in vs amplitude out


  • Defined global reconstruction output format and IO routines to xboa
  • Python interface to optics tools
  • xboa interface to optics tools

Other analysis tools

  • Optics GUI for interactive selection and display of theoretical beam envelopes (etc) #847

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