Dobbs, Adam

MAUS Schedule

30 September 2015 17:58

MAUS schedule is part of the overall Computing and Infrastructure schedule.
It is typically updated every MAUS meeting (alternate Wednesdays)

Current schedule


13 February 2015 15:18

A presentation on the MAUS API by Alex Richards

Example Analysis Code

01 October 2015 13:43

Various example analysis scripts and code showing how to access MAUS output data

MAUS Workbook

12 May 2016 16:48

A practical guide to using MAUS, including simulation, real data unpacking, reconstruction and subsequent data analysis.

Converting MAUS from bzr to git

22 September 2015 18:52

The attached script converts a shared maus repository containing branches called 'release' and 'merge' to a git repository, with the option of pushing to github.