R1 East 2nd Floor MICE meeting room.

Phone : Readytalk-


  • Cold magnet water modifications
  • Warm magnet water modifications
  • QD modifications
    • SS QD mods
    • FC QD logging - GUI mods
  • Commissioning Plan
    • SS current 'instability'
    • US proposed test plan
  • Proceed with the SSU ramp to 3T and make measurements.
  • SSU-FC test, ramp FC to current in steps and then ramping SSU.
    • For example, ramp FC to 10 A then SSU to 3T, if OK, ramp both down, ramp FC to 20A, then ramp SSU, etc.
    • This will take much longer, but Sandor is worried about the signal induced on SSU-M1 when the FC is ramping.
    • This is something we should discuss with all. Utilizing a much slower FC ramp is the other option.
  • Use SSU-E1 DCCT channel to bring a current signal from the FC (add Danisense DCCT transducer to FC current line)
    • SSU’s QD/QP used in balance mode between M1 and “E1/FC”.
  • SF & AB to visit RAL in September to finalize SS commissioning. 7th - 17th.
  • DONM
  • AoB

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