RAL R1 15.00UK, 09.00Chicago

Phone : Readytalk-


  • Introduction: KL/CW
  • Notes of last meeting and actions:
    • Roumen (FNAL): Fix bug that results in absence of logging of SSD QD/QP signals;
      • Note added; need update on progress at our next meeting. SSD will not be run until this is fixed;
    • SF/PMH: Propose mechanism to record earth-leakage trip signal (i.e. 24V CANbus signal) along with other fast logging information so that it is always possible to identify the order in which quench and earth-leakage signals are received;
    • SF: Investigate full recording of fast QD/QP signals for use in the debugging period;
    • SF: Review QD threshold settings with a view to proposing a slight increase in the value of the trip setting should further investigation/tests indicate that this is required;
  • Status of SSU test: PMH
  • Status of FC; readiness for operation on Thursday: JB/JC
  • Discussion of next steps: All
  • DONM
  • AoB

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