MICE Ionisation Cooling Demonstration

  • Progress since the DOE review.
  • Engineering of the SS/RF/FC transition.
  • MC results -- Pasternak's Slides
  • Longitudinal/6D emittance behavior Rogers.
  • Steps forward.
  • AOB.
    • Blackmore -- comparisons between Step V and the reference & alternative lattices. Additional plot revisiting slide 5, but picking matched beta in SSU at each momenta.

Uploading presentations

Instructions on how to upload a talk if you're a presenter.

  1. Click on "edit" (and concentrate!)
  2. Click on the open box below "files"
  3. Browse and enter your file name (e.g. mytalk.pdf )
  4. Enter the following line in the agenda box below your name (without the 'pre' tags)
  5. (e.g. attachment:mytalk.pdf )
  6. and save

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