There is an important MICE Communications meeting tomorrow during our usual Tuesday slot, 14:00(UK) and 08:00(Fermi) to which many of our MIPO colleagues will be attend. Can I ask for a shift of meeting time to 15:00(UK) and 09:00(Fermi)?

The RLSR document editing has been completed, thanks to all involved, particularly Ken, and can be found at the following link.


  1. Actions
  2. RLSR Review (MPB and FAC)
    1. Plans for presentations
    2. Practice talks
  3. Magnet Integration and operation
    1. Plan to gain agreed method (short timescale)
    2. MAP Proposal for magnet training
  4. PRY
    1. Progress
    2. PRR Preparations
  5. DONM 6th May 2014
  6. AOB

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