MICE Experiment Management Office

4th February 2014; 14:00 GMT

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  1. Introduction: KL
  2. Notes on previous meeting, status of actions: All
    • CR: get leaders of online and computing activity together to discuss status, plans, process and resources.
    • SB: organize a MOM discussion in Warwick in January 2014.
    • KL/VB: Collaborate on more detailed plan for performance analysis of Steps IV, V and VI before Christmas.
    • KL: Liaise with SB to define Operations Parallel asap.
    • SB: Pull CMacW PPS crate test into the Operations plan.
    • KL: Write to Zoe once more to ask for report asap.
    • SB/MOM: Design/devise revised operations WWW presence on MICE Mine to adiabatically take over from the MICO page.
    • CR: Consider a design for a revision to the MICE WWW page
    • SB: Produce the plan of actions by which we arrive at the various runs in good shape;
    • SB: Outline a plan for preparing for the putative field-off run.
    • CR/VB: Review organization in light of EB comment;
    • KL/CR/VB: Will meet in the week at 12:00 GMT on 29Jan14 to discuss organization that will have been prepared by CR/VB.
  3. Report/actions from MIPO PH
  4. Ops team status: SB
  5. Operations plan Jan to Jun, first cut: SB/All
    • 03Feb14: 0.8Hz test and target/beam-bump test; 16:30 to 24:00;
      • Since no DAQ expert is available, DKsol will not be available, so 0.8Hz test and target beam bump commissioning;
      • Plan as expert-only activity;
      • Target Group to produce MICE Note on results.
    • 04—06Apr14: 0.8Hz and DAQ commissioning;
      • OK if we have DKsol, D2, proton absorber and DAQ and block-test done;
      • One shift’s worth of running;
      • Plan as expert-only activity;
      • MOM team writes MICE Note on results;
    • 29—30Jun14: 0.8Hz activation run:
      • 16-hour run with MICE experiment; 16-hours rest, then survey;
      • Plan as MICE test run;
  6. Organisation of S/w&C and Physics activities: CR/VB
  7. Status of Survey: KL/PH
  8. Evaluation of Steps IV, V and VI: VB
  9. CM38 parallel sessions and plenary speakers: All
  10. DONM
    • 18Feb14;
  11. AoB


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