MICE Experiment Management Office

7th January 2014; 14:00 GMT

Phone details

Notes: 2014-01-07-MEMO-Notes.pdf

  1. Introduction: KL
  2. Notes on previous meeting, status of actions: All
    • CR/KL: meet to review and refine “spiders web”:
      • Stands.
    • KL: get leaders of online and computing activity together to discuss status, plans, process and resources.
      • Stands.
    • SB: identify January 2014 MOM.
      • Done.
    • SB: organize a MOM discussion in Warwick in January 2014.
      • Stands.
    • KL/SB: make MOM walkabout rota for Christmas vacation
    • KL/VB: Collaborate on more detailed plan for performance analysis of Steps IV, V and VI before Christmas.
      • In progress.
  3. Report/actions from MIPO: PH
  4. Ops team status: SB
  5. Operations plan Jan to Jun, first cut: SB/All
  6. Organisation of S/w&C and Physics activities: CR/VB
  7. [[online:Online_Tests|Block tests in online (apologies, a detail)]]: CR
  8. Status of Survey (another detail!): PH
  9. Evaluation of Steps IV, V and VI: VB
  10. Round-up of issues (Ops, S/w&C, M&O, ...): All
  11. DONM
    • 21Jan14;
  12. AoB


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