MICE Executive Board

13th December 2013; 15:00 GMT

Phone details

1. Minutes and actions: All
  • KL: Press for completion of visitor data base;
  • KL: Implement comments made on MIPO/MEMO document in next version of the document.
  • KL: Initiate the consideration of a Marie Curie training network by P. Soler, et al;
  • ABl: Devise a proposed shift-tax system for MICE running;
  • KL: Liaise with P. Smith to define next set of VCs;
2. Project Manager’s report: RP

3. Report from MEMO: KL

4. Next collaboration meeting: KL/All

5. Funding update:
  • Europe: KL/PS/MB
  • UK: KL/PS
  • US: DK/MP

6. Review of Collaboration Charter; proposed action: All

7. Policy for shift allocation: ABl

8. Discussion of organisation of publications: All

9. Speakers Bureau: VP

10. Common Fund: KL

11. DONM

12. AoB


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