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Long, Kenneth, 04 August 2014 16:18

DOE Reviews

DOE review of MAP and MICE, Brookhaven National Laboratory, 12th to 14th August 2014


  1. Delivering the MICE project; options for success
  2. Response to feedback from the RLSR panel and MPB
  3. DRAFT: MICE Project Assumptions Document: attachment:Assumptions-doc.pdf
    • To do:
      1. KL/RP: make final update for this issue on Monday 04Aug14.
  4. DRAFT: Planning the MICE Step IV Data Campaign: attachment:DataPlan.pdf
    • To do:
      1. SB/VB: make final update for on Monday 04Aug14.
  5. Magnet and Beam Commissioning at Step IV
  6. DRAFT: MICE Step IV instrumentation commissioning plan: attachment:InstrPlan.pdf
    • To do:
      1. PS: make final update for on Monday 04Aug14.


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