The Beamline is a component of the CDB that is used to store and retrieve Beamline set values.

This service has now been deployed on a TEST machine. The WSDL for the read only service can be found at and the WSDL for the read/write service can be found at


Two separate services are available. To see the list of methods offered by each service please see the API documentation linked below.

The Beamline Service

The Beamline service only offers methods to read the data. This service will be deployed on heplnm068 to give off site read only access to the data.

The BeamlineSuperMouse Service

This service offer the same methods as the Beamline service with additional methods for writing data. This service will be run on the CDB machine and will only be accessible from MICENET machines.


Configuration Database Deployment Diagram

Java API

Python API

Bealine Schema

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