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Hunt, Christopher, 21 November 2018 11:08

Tracker Calibrated Noise Data


Calibrated noise files for the MC noise model are downloadable from here.

These files contain Root histograms that describe the rate of noise digits produced above a 2-photo-electron threshold, and are used to inject a realistic noise rate into MC data.

Each file corresponds to a given calibration period, as demonstrated by the timestamp. Please download the correct file(s) for the calibration period required. If one or more appear to be missing, this may be unavoidable, but please contact: for information.

How To Use

  1. You need the current MAUS version (or soon to be) that has the mapper: MapCppTrackerMCCalibratedNoise,
  2. Determine and download the required calibration, bad channels and cabling files for the run you wish to model. These are accessible via the CDB, using the script: Not found yet,
  3. Download the respective NoiseData from the selection below. The time stamp for each one marks the start of the active period.
  4. Include the MapCppTrackerMCCalibratedNoise mapper in the simulation file, immediately after the MapCppTrackerMCDigitization mapper,
  5. Specify the calibration, mapping and bad channels files in the configuration file,
  6. Specify the NoiseData file in the configuration: SciFi_CalibratedNoiseFile = "<path-to-noise-file>"

Now when you run the MC, the noise rate will be sampled from the data stored in the Root file and injected into the simulation with an estimated NPE value.

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