System performance paper: 2018/09/18


  • Common data sample:
    • 2017/02 and 2017/03 runs
    • 2T and 3T in SSD
    • 140 - 240 MeV/c
    • 3, 6, 10 nominal beams
    • LiH, LH2, wedge
  • Official MC to be used
  • Common set of cuts (to be refined):
    • Define the banana plot cuts
    • Define conservative fiducial cuts
    • Agree on the chi^2 cut (probably a loose one)
      Cut definition Victoria Chris R. Cuts mapper name
      Single space point in TOF0 V V Get_single_TOF0_hit_cut
      Single space point in TOF1 V V Get_single_TOF1_hit_cut
      Time of flight in range 27-32 ns X V
      or Normalized time of flight in range 1-6 ns V ?
      Single reconstructed TKU track with chi^2/N_DOF <=4 <10
      TKU track within fiducial volume of tracker < 150 mm V V
      TKU total momentum between 135 and 145 MeV/c X V Get_US_mom_cut
      Tracked radius at diffuser <= 90 mm V V
      Muon hypothesis (TOF vs P plane) V ?
      Single space point in TOF2 X V
      Single reconstructed TKD track with chi^2/N_DOF X <10
      TKD track within fiducial volume of tracker < 150 mm X V
      TKD total momentum between 100 and 200 MeV/c X V Get_DS_mom_cut
      Downstream aperture cut <= ?? mm X V

Previous notes and AOB:

  • Ckov: photoelectron vs momentum curves to be reproduced.
  • KL: first draft in place. To be refined/rebalanced once we have the other contributions.
  • EMR: include low level efficiency and PID to reject positrons. Francois to work in his contribution once he his done with his manuscript.
  • Tracker: agreed on 5 pages
    • 1 page hardware
    • 2 pages low level recon
    • 2 track selection/kalman, noise, efficiency and resolution
      A lot of analysis material is ready (and easily adaptable from 7469) and needs to be put together. The noise analysis has never been formalised and may require few more time; Chris R. has done some studies for a past VC. Chris can send around some of these plots made for his paper.
      Paul K. has provided some introduction text and Melissa is coordinating the writing.
    • Overleaf:
  • PID:
    • Scott has updated the software framework.
    • Use some of the plots produces in Chris R. analysis
  • Detector alignment: Paul K. reviewed Francois' note. Francois to reproduce the equivalent plots present in the note for the data. Agreed on 4-5 pages.
  • Magnets: tracker field note in progress; some work to do on the systematics. FC is the missing piece.
  • Target model: note in progress and comparison with the LM data to be started (Paul S. suggested using a 700 MeV proton beam). We have to understand what could end up in the paper.
  • Absorber model: Ajit has some code in place and Craig Brown is working on some density systematic too. Agreed on the following studies in terms of energy loss:
    • geometry of the windows
    • temperature (density): different probes show different temperature.
  • Diffuser study: work in progress. Most likely will be a separate paper.
  • Define a common set of cuts (where needed) using the MAUS cut structure (that once is included in MAUS would require another iteration of the reconstruction).
  • Some contributions might end up in a separate stand alone paper.

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