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Franchini, Paolo, 18 July 2018 16:06

System performance paper: 2018/06/25-26

Phone details:


5 minutes for each contribution + 30 minutes for general discussion.

Main author(s) Contribution Material Notes
Viktor, Scott TOF on GitHub
Tanaz Ckov
Domizia, Ludovico, Mariyan KL on GitHub first draft ready
Francois EMR agreed on 4/5 pages
Melissa Tracker on Overleaf agreed on 5 pages
Scott, Melissa PID
Chris Rogers, Melissa Track matching on GitHub
Francois, Paul Detector alignment MICE note being reviewed
Chris Hunt, Joe Magnets
Tom, Paolo Target model
Ajit, Scott, Craig Absorber model
Melissa Diffuser study separate paper?


  • Common data sample:
    • 2017/02 and 2017/03 runs
    • 2T and 3T in SSD
    • 140 - 240 MeV/c
    • 3, 6, 10 nominal beams
    • LiH, LH2, wedge
  • Official MC to be used
  • Common set of cuts (to be refined):
    • Define the banana plot cuts
    • Define conservative fiducial cuts
    • Agree on the chi^2 cut (probably a loose one)
      Cut definition Victoria Chris R. Cuts mapper name
      Single space point in TOF0 V V Get_single_TOF0_hit_cut
      Single space point in TOF1 V V Get_single_TOF1_hit_cut
      Time of flight in range 27-32 ns X V
      or Normalized time of flight in range 1-6 ns V ?
      Single reconstructed TKU track with chi^2/N_DOF <=4 <10
      TKU track within fiducial volume of tracker < 150 mm V V
      TKU total momentum between 135 and 145 MeV/c X V Get_US_mom_cut
      Tracked radius at diffuser <= 90 mm V V
      Muon hypothesis (TOF vs P plane) V ?
      Single space point in TOF2 X V
      Single reconstructed TKD track with chi^2/N_DOF X <10
      TKD track within fiducial volume of tracker < 150 mm X V
      TKD total momentum between 100 and 200 MeV/c X V Get_DS_mom_cut
      Downstream aperture cut <= ?? mm X V

Notes and AOB:

  • Attendance
    • RAL: Chris R., Chris H. Viktor, Scott, Craig, Melissa, Paul K.
    • Phone: -
  • Apologies: -
  • Ckov: photoelectron vs momentum curves to be reproduced.
  • KL: first draft in place. To be refined/rebalanced once we have the other contributions.
  • EMR: include low level efficiency and PID to reject positrons. Francois to work in his contribution once he his done with his manuscript.
  • Tracker: agreed on 5 pages
    • 1 page hardware
    • 2 pages low level recon
    • 2 track selection/kalman, noise, efficiency and resolution
      A lot of analysis material is ready (and easily adaptable from 7469) and needs to be put together. The noise analysis has never been formalised and may require few more time; Chris R. has done some studies for a past VC. Chris can send around some of these plots made for his paper.
      Paul K. has provided some introduction text and Melissa is coordinating the writing.
    • Overleaf:
  • PID:
    • Scott has updated the software framework.
    • Use some of the plots produces in Chris R. analysis
  • Detector alignment: Paul K. reviewed Francois' note. Francois to reproduce the equivalent plots present in the note for the data. Agreed on 4-5 pages.
  • Magnets: tracker field note in progress; some work to do on the systematics. FC is the missing piece.
  • Target model: note in progress and comparison with the LM data to be started (Paul S. suggested using a 700 MeV proton beam). We have to understand what could end up in the paper.
  • Absorber model: LH2 absorber validation stands. Ajit has some code in place and Craig Brown is working on some density systematic too.
  • Diffuser study: work in progress. Most likely will be a separate paper.
  • Define a common set of cuts (where needed) using the MAUS cut structure (that once is included in MAUS would require another iteration of the reconstruction).
  • Some contributions might end up in a separate stand alone paper.

Next meeting:

Brunel workshop: September 2018

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