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h1. Style for images 

 Plots should include a legend *inside the image axes* stating 

 * Either *MICE preliminary* for pre-publication plots or *MICE* for published plots in large font 
 * *[simulation]* for simulated data in small font 
 * *ISIS Cycle xxxx/yy* listing the ISIS cycle for real data in small font 
 * *Run xxxxx, MAUS vx.y.z* if the data pertains to a particular run or set of runs in small font 
 * Large font should be about 50 % bigger than small font and not italic. font. 

 General pointers: 
 * Axis labels should be clear and separated from the title 
 * Legend should not overlap (hide) data 
 * Legend border should be aligned with axis frame 
 * Font sizes should be large enough to see from the back of a lecture theatre or on the rubbish RAL TVs.