Some useful references

Material physics

Title Author Publication DOI arxiv Year Notes
Scattering of muons in low Z materials D. Attwood et al NIM B 10.1016/j.nimb.2006.05.006 hep-ex/0512005 2006 The MuScat paper - measurement of multiple Coulomb scattering at 172 MeV/c for the NF collaboration
The Physics of Muon Cooling for a Neutrino Factory Simon Holmes PhD Thesis --- --- 2006 Exploration of Energy Loss correlation to scattering on MuScat, ultimately not observed.
Muon Stopping Power and Range Tables 10 MeV - 100TeV Donald E. Groom et al Atom.Data Nucl.Data Tabl. 10.1006/adnd.2001.0861 --- 2001 Collection of many different sources where Muon energy loss has been calculated for many particles using Bethe calculations and others. Comparisons made to proton energy loss measurements gathered by ICRU 49.
The Stopping and Ranges of Ions in Matter, Vol. 3 H. H. Anderson and J. F. Ziegler. Pergamon Press 10.1016/B978-0-08-021605-8.50013-X --- 1977 From above ref, experimental data for Muons with momenta between ~0.8 and 8MeV.
Energy loss measurement for charged particles in very thin silicon layers S. Meroli, D. Passero, L. Servoli J. Inst 10.1088/1748-0221/6/06/P06013 --- 2013 Modern discussion on the theoretical side of things
Density Effect in the Ionization Energy Loss of Fast Charged Particles in Matter A. Crispin, G. N. Fowler Rev. Modern Physics --- --- 1970 Introduces density effect (for > GeV energies)
Straggling of Heavy Charged Particles: Comparison of Born Hydrogenic-Wave-Function Approximation with Free-Electron Approximation H. Bichsel Phys. Rev. B Vol 1, 7 --- --- 1970 Modifies Vavilov straggling

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