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Publications Policy

Guidance is available on procedures for presenting MICE data

  • The most recent guidance on presenting MICE data can be found here
  • The most recent guidance on publishing MICE data can be found here
  • The most recent latex style-files are here
  • MICE should use the following boiler plate acknowledgements in their publications

The publications together with the figures and tables of information that they contain are organised according to the experimental configuration to which the data corresponds in the pages linked below.

Analysis Group Wiki

The MICE analysis group has responsibility for designing the experimental configurations, supporting the operations team to produce a good dataset and analysing the MICE data to produce the publications.

Mailing List

You can subscribe to the MICE analysis mailing list here

Data Location

MICE data are available Configuration data is available through

MC productions are listed here:

Data required to model tracker noise in the MC is available here:





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