Physics shift procedure

Below is a routine procedure that physics shifters should go through in order to check status of datasets

If you need help with any of this, please contact Chris Rogers


  • You need to subscribe to the mice-ops mailing list (try looking on
  • Any prerequisites as specified by the measurement coordinator


  1. Check the Elog
    • Check that the elog was updated with a shift report for the data taking period.
    • Check that you are satisfied with the level of reporting in the ELog
    • At a minimum, the ELog should have the list of runs taken during the data taking, the aim of each run and an indication of success.
    • Note any special circumstances described in the E-Log (e.g. failure of equipment, etc). If this can impact on the measurement, it needs to be reported
  2. Check the output from the reconstruction for the relevant runs
  3. Perform any analysis agreed in advance by the measurement coordinator or physics coordinator.
  4. Upload the physics_shifter_proforma
  5. Attend operations meetings and give a verbal report

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