Physics Shift Report

Start Date: 2nd July
End Date: 5th July
Start Run: 07184
End Run: 07188
Physics shifter: Francois Drielsma


No data was taken from the 2nd to the evening of the 4th of July because:
  • The priority is placed on the magnet preparation activities.
  • TOF1 was moved out of the beam line for required Tracker repairs Friday morning.
On the evening of the 4th and into the 5th, pion reference runs were taken:
  • TOF1 back in the beam line
  • No decay solenoid
Run number Run type Mom. setting Trigger condition Nbr. of spills Int. part. tr.
7184 Pion + 300 MeV/c TOF1 203 3314
7185 Pion + 300 MeV/c TOF1 5005 80395
7186 Pion + 300 MeV/c TOF1 3202 Missing
7187 Pion + 190 MeV/c TOF1 1037 12878
7188 Pion + 190 MeV/c TOF1 4741 49211
Magnet cooling status:
  • Cooling SSU and SSD is "complete".
  • SSU and SSD are considered suitably stable so that they may be monitored without intervention.
  • The superconducting permit was be tested prior to the last shift.

Run documentation


Entries for each shift and major issues/faults. No problems found, very thorough.

Run Condition Summary Spreadsheet/CDB

  • Integrated number of triggers missing in the spreadsheet for run 7186. Estimated TOF1 triggers: 51434 (same setting as 7185)
  • Run 7184 characteristics failed to be uploaded to the CDB (~200 spills): no trigger records, no end date or end pulse, wrong target depth.
  • IMPORTANT NOTE : An end note need to be written for the run statistics to be uploaded.
  • Run 7185 completely in the CDB. Mismatched target depth in the CDB and the spreadsheet, no beam loss recorded.
Nbr. of spills Int. part. tr. Target depth Beam loss
Spreadsheet 5005 80395 38.15 mm 1.0 V
CDB 5005 80395 63.95 mm /
  • Run 7186-7188 not pushed to the CDB by run control.


  • No particular analysis requested by the measurement coordinator
  • The files are on the grid

Reconstruction Quality

  • The physics devil reports a "Download Error" for all the aforementioned runs. No plots were generated and the data were not reconstructed by it.
  • The files have been properly uploaded to the grid

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