Physics Shift Report

Start Date: 26th June
End Date: 1st July
Start Run: 07156
End Run: 07168
Physics shifter: Christopher Hunt


Note A couple of the Tracker DAQ Banks are presently mis behaving. GEO ID 38 and GEOID 22 cause known faults, GEO ID was removed to improve smoother running.

No data in physics_devil runs and runs 07159 - 07168 reporting download errors.
If there was not a download error, n_errors was equal to 1. I assume that this is due to the batch processing system being updated and out of commission.

Run documentation


Entries from for each shift and major issues/faults. No problems found.

Run Condition Summary Spreadsheet/CDB

  • Found some discrepancies in the Decays Solenoid Current. Not sure if this is normal for the system. e.g. 07156: CDB Reports 518.4, Spreadsheet reports 559.0
  • Runs 07161 - 07167 not found in spreadsheet. Likely to be due to some tests - perhaps this should be noted in the spreadsheet also?
  • No Scalars found in Run 07160 in CDB - Could not verify the spreadsheet values were correct.
  • Target Depth had many discrepancies. For Runs 07155 - 07159 CDB reports 63.95mm and Spreadsheet Reports 38.15mm. Correct in runs 07160 and 07168.
  • Run 07168 no End Date in CDB, no End No. Pulses recorded in CDB or SS. Elog reports a Run Control Crash after the run was stopped - is this to blame?


Reconstruction Quality

  • Low-level recon seems in good shape. NPE curves look as expected, producting digits, clustser, spacepoints, Pattern Recognition Tracks and Kalman Tracks.
  • Experienced some issues with using the wrong calibration - now fixed.

First attempts at straight track alignment produced a large spread of predicted positions in the downstream tracker. Some issues appear to still be present. Tracker commissioning/data workshop scheduled for 06-07-2015 to address issues.

No issues reported in Online Reconstruction or Online Monitoring.

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