Physics shift 2015-06-17

Start Date: 16-06-2015
End Date: 17-06-2015
Start Run: 6999
End Run: 7010
Physics shifter: Chris Rogers


Tracker timing study plus a default 6 pi 200 MeV/c beam

Run documentation

The raw data was not uploaded. I didn't dare run move files by myself just in case this was some sort of policy decision...



Run Condition Summary Spreadsheet/CDB

Run conditions spreadsheet was not uploaded.

Run 7010 from CDB:

Particle Triggers 28307
Requested Triggers 43921
ToF0 Triggers 212732
ToF1 Triggers 43921
ToF2 Triggers 46038

Note that TOF2 triggers looks non-physical; note that triggering efficiency is poor (4 events per spill, half of which fail).


The offline reconstruction did not work - the experts know and are looking at it.

I started running the reconstruction using latest trunk but it was very sloooow... there is a magic trick using zero suppression which I have not yet applied.

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