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h1. Phone Meeting 
 *Tuesday 22th November* at *16.00 GMT*. 

 Dial-in information is available "here": where some numbers are: 

 | *Country* | *Number* | 
 | Switzerland | 0800705351 | 
 | UK | 08004960576 |  
 | USA | 1-866-740-1260 |  

 After connecting, type in the MICO access code (ie. *5673390*) then hit #.  

 h2. Agenda 

 * Run plans and analysis for December 2011 run (10' Presentations) 
 ** General run plan (Linda Coney) 
 ** Online reconstruction set-up; all OK? (Chris Rogers and Chris Tunnell) 
 ** "online plots as function of time in pulse": (Chris Heidt) 
 ** Proposal for CKOV performance data taking (Gene Kafka/Lucien Cremaldi) 
 ** Proposal for beam purity evaluation (Vassil Verguilov)  
 ** pi/mu separation in using KL and TOF    (Mariyan Bogomilov/Yordan Karadhzov)[see attachment:pimu_dEdx.pdf] 

 * other analysis projects (very brief one slide presentation on what people think they will need 
 ** "Step IV preparations": (Snopok et al) 
 ** Tracker (Long) 
 ** Inverting polarity of Decay Solenoid (Henry)[see attachment:DSreversal.txt] 
 ** MICE timing (Linda)  

 * Date of next meeting 8 December at 15.00 GMT 

 h2. Minutes 
 present: Victoria, Tim, ChrisH, ChrisT, Drega, Ulisse, Pavel, RobF, Domizia, Linda, Yordan, HenryN, AlainB, VassilV AlainB (Minutes)  

 Question: what would eb the decrease in rate in EMR if it were to run in the Step IV position rather than in the present (STEPI) position.  
 Action: Rob Fletsher will make an estimate for meeting on 8 December.  

 Chris Heidt time in spill: had several questions concerning where to find the information on time for triggers & trigger requests, with respect to the ISIS and beam loss timing.  
 Action Linda and Yordan to prepare, ChrisH to prompt them on this until satisfaction.  

 Run plan: pending action. Linda and Yordan to prepare 1 page sheet (before friday 25Nov, because we need to make the request to ISIS!) 

 KL data: nice plots by Mariyan: KL seem able to isolate a reasonably clean sample of pions with efficiency of order 10% or better. Need to quantify what fraction of pions and what fraction of muons remain after given cut (plot trajectory in eff_pi vs eff_mu    vaarying cut value) -- could almost apply to Muon beam -- getting there :-) 

 Beamline codes:  
 1.would like to propose definition of beam lines as pi(mom at D1)/mu(om at D2)/mu(in MICE)  
 2. Alain to ask Adam Dobbs which desks of G4beamline and Turtle are available, what they do and where they are. 

 Decay Solenoid reversal 
 Henry discussed the solenoid reversal. Hopes to do the task on 19 december. Henry should check with Andy -- to be brought up at MICO on 23 Nov. If everything went well during the running, we may be able to schedule this operation on Friday 16 December 

 h2. Uploading presentations 

 Instructions on how to upload a talk if you're a presenter. 

 # Click on "edit" (and concentrate!) 
 # Click on the open box below "files" 
 # Browse and enter your file name (e.g. mytalk.pdf ) 
 # Enter the following line in the agenda box below your name 
 # (e.g. attachement:mytalk.pdf ) 
 # and save.