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Blondel, Alain, 22 November 2011 17:29

Phone Meeting

Tuesday 22th November at 16.00 GMT.

Dial-in information is available here where some numbers are:

Country Number
Switzerland 0800705351
UK 08004960576
USA 1-866-740-1260

After connecting, type in the MICO access code (ie. 5673390) then hit #.


  • Run plans and analysis for December 2011 run (10' Presentations)
    • General run plan (Linda Coney)
    • Online reconstruction set-up; all OK? (Chris Rogers and Chris Tunnell)
    • online plots as function of time in pulse (Chris Heidt)
    • Proposal for CKOV performance data taking (Gene Kafka/Lucien Cremaldi)
    • Proposal for beam purity evaluation (Vassil Verguilov)
    • pi/mu separation in using KL and TOF (Mariyan Bogomilov/Yordan Karadhzov)[see pimu_dEdx.pdf]
  • other analysis projects (very brief one slide presentation on what people think they will need
  • Date of next meeting 8 December at 15.00 GMT

present: Victoria, Tim, ChrisH, ChrisT, Drega, Ulisse, Pavel, RobF, Domizia, Linda, Yordan, HenryN, AlainB

Question: what would eb the decrease in rate in EMR if it were to run in the Step IV position rather than in the present (STEPI) position.
Action: Rob Fletsher will make an estimate for meeting on 8 December.

Chris Heidt time in spill: had several questions concerning where to find the information on time for triggers & trigger requests, with respect to the ISIS and beam loss timing.
Action Linda and Yordan to prepare, ChrisH to prompt them on this until satisfaction.

Run plan: pending action. Linda and Yordan to prepare 1 page sheet (before friday 25Nov, because we need to make the request to ISIS!)

KL data: nice plots by Mariyan: KL seem able to isolate a reasonably clean sample of pions with efficiency of order 10% or better. Need to quantify what fraction of pions and what fraction of muons remain after given cut (plot trajectory in eff_pi vs eff_mu vaarying cut value) -- could almost apply to Muon beam -- getting there :-)

Beamline codes:
1.would like to propose definition of beam lines as pi(mom at D1)/mu(om at D2)/mu(in MICE)
2. Alain to ask Adam Dobbs which desks of G4beamline and Turtle are available, what they do and where they are.

Uploading presentations

Instructions on how to upload a talk if you're a presenter.

  1. Click on "edit" (and concentrate!)
  2. Click on the open box below "files"
  3. Browse and enter your file name (e.g. mytalk.pdf )
  4. Enter the following line in the agenda box below your name
  5. (e.g. attachement:mytalk.pdf )
  6. and save.

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