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Blackmore, Victoria, 21 May 2014 09:56

EMR Paper Phonecall, Wednesday 21st May, 9am BST

Discussion of the EMR paper's status and its requirements for publication

Present: C. Rogers, S. Middleton, K. Long, R. Asfandiyarov, A. Blondel, V. Blackmore


  • D. Rajaram: Look at and comment on F. Drielsma's MAUS branch with EMR code
  • F. Drielsma: Present first version of EMR results at June Collaboration Meeting
  • R. Asfandiyarov/ F. Drielsma: Write detailed MICE note on EMR commissioning
  • R. Asfandiyarov/ F. Drielsma: Start writing paper come July 1st (post June CM)
  • V. Blackmore: Consult EMR group and Ed. Board re: suitable referees and provide a list of K. Long


  • Status of the analysis is as presented in the analysis meeting of 11th May (slides)
  • All activity afterwards has focused on code migration to MAUS.
    • F. Drielsma is implementing/moving the digitisation code to MAUS and working on the first step in the reconstruction (track finding algorithms)
    • Then improvements to reconstruction algorithms
    • Then improved results/plots.
  • Timetable for code completion?
    • 1 month for majority of code to be in MAUS
    • Refined plots/refined analysis description in ~ 2-3 weeks
    • C. Rogers feels that having someone such as D. Rajaram look over the code and commenting would be helpful.
  • Time constraints?
    • R. Asfandiyarov's thesis defence at end of June, thesis due in 2 weeks.
  • Timeline for publications
    • First version of results to be presented at June Collaboration Meeting for discussion
    • Paper draft due by October Collaboration Meeting
    • Paper writing to commence July 1st
  • Requested help from computing/physics groups:
    • Main concerns revolve around code. Questions are currently directed at Y. Karadzhov and/or C. Rogers. C. Rogers is happy to provide the level of support requested.
    • No physics request, all of the analysis steps have been implemented
    • Not integrating EMR into global reconstruction (and it is not required to do so)
  • Documentation
    • Policy is that there should be a detailed MICE note as part of documentation -- intention is to write this MICE note
    • R. Asfandiyarov's PhD thesis and F. Drielsma's Masters thesis are parts of the documentation. Also conference talks and their associated write-ups.
    • A NIM or JINST paper on the EMR would be appropriate
  • Referee's
    • V. Blackmore to consult EMR group and Editorial Board about appropriate referee's for the EMR paper. Present list to K. Long for selection.
  • AOB:
    • C. Rogers & S. Middleton seek to publish a paper on the beam polarisation using EMR data (a short NIM paper)
      • Requires EMR reconstruction to be completed, so approximately 3 months downstream of EMR publication.
      • Looking at first technical note by ~October
      • No conflict with EMR publication

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