PC 2015-04-23 MPB Report

Comment from the MPB:

We wish to congratulate the MICE collaboration for all the hard work that they have performed, and for all the excellent
progress that has been made in the last 5 months since the last MPB. Most of all, congratulations on beginning to take
calibration beam data in preparation for Step IV running!

Unofficial (yet) recommendations to physics group:

  • Review the requirements for accurate end-to-end simulation (eg G4beamline) of the full beamline, and quantify the effects on final analysis of using an approximate simulation. This should form part of the review of the Accelerator Physics beam dynamics programme recommended below.
  • Continue the beam line optics studies in order to further optimize the process of transfer matrix measurement and incoming beam channel matching (essentially carried over from last MPB).
  • Report, in a MICE note to the collaboration, the definitions and methods used for the determination of the betatron functions and emittances.
  • Carry out an independent review of the beam dynamics analysis using this as an opportunity to renew contacts with the Accelerator Physics community. The aim is to ensure that the best set of techniques and tools are used in cross-checking the analysis of the muon dynamics, so that best value is extracted from the experimental data.
  • (Define strategies to provide online feedback, quickly, to ensure end-to-end efficiency and quality given the restricted time available.)

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