PC 2015-02-03

We will meet at 15:30 on Tuesday 3rd February.

Agenda will be:
  • Summary of status
  • Discussion: lattice freeze, 9th February?
  • Discussion: status of paper?

We will use the phone bridge at:

If that is busy, we can use my backup service:

Backup Phone Number


Jason Tarrant
Victoria Blackmore
Jaroslaw Pasternak
(later) Roy Preece

Status of MDIC
  • No progress since christmas
  • Decision before christmas
    • movable absorber must be independent of RF
    • absorber can be in the bellows position
    • some final optimisation to be done with FC->FC distance
  • New issue raised by email
    • Call for easy extraction of single cavity modules requested 18th December
    • Requires compression of bellows which may not be possible
    • May need additional bellows (one at either end)
    • Concern about damaging sealing face preventing pump down
    • ACTION (Jaroslaw Pasternak): need to reevaluate impact of additional bellows; increases distance between SS and FC by 56 mm
    • ACTION (Jason Tarrant): distribute options on positions of components
      • Note that the test vessel would already need 41 mm less length; needs to be agreed with US colleagues
      • Test vessel will be manufactured new by US colleagues
    • ACTION (JB Lagrange): Good draft of the paper by 8th March

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