Phone Meeting

Thursday 6th February at 15:00 GMT.

Dial-in information is available here where some numbers are:

Country Number
Switzerland 0800705351
UK 08004960576
USA 1-866-740-1260

After connecting, type in the MICO access code (ie. 5673390) then hit #.

Previous meeting summary

Highlighted Agenda

  • Step I Wrapup
    • EMR Analysis (Asfandiyarov/Drielsma)
    • Pion contamination in Step I (Orestano)
    • Elevated beam line G4BL comparisons (Nugent/Blackmore)
  • Step IV.0 Preparation
    • Tracker alignment status/requirements (Uchida) TrackerAlignment6_2_14.pdf
    • Step IV.0 beam optimisation (Leonova/Pasternak)
    • Step IV.0 beam-->MAUS (Nugent)
  • Step IV
    • Reduced focus coil current study (Hanlet/Lagrange)
    • Step IV emittance study (Santos)
  • Step V vs Step VI
    • Comments on timing and RF (Cobb) -- postponed until collaboration meeting
    • Analysis plan (Speirs)

Rolling Agenda

  • TOF rate analysis (Rajaram)
  • Multiple scattering & energy loss models (Middleton)
  • Dipole Field-Current Discrepancy (Nebrensky)
  • Quadrupole/TOF alignment study (Overton)
  • Magnetic measurements (Blackmore/Leonova)
  • MC and Recon batch status - (batch production Czar/Rogers)
  • AOB
  • Date of next meeting: CM38


David Spiers
Adam Dobbs
John Baptiste
Sophie Middleton
Ed Overton
Ian Taylor
Stefania Ricciardi
Celeste Pidcott
Domizia Orestano
Ken Long
Melissa Uchida
Durga Rajaram
Pierrick Hanlet
Jaroslaw Pasternak
Paul Soler


  1. Pion contamination
    • John Nugent working with G4BL to provide expected of pion contamination
    • John Nugent is attempting to run the template methods on the MC
    • No difference observed in MC between DK on/off in pion spectrum
    • Using G4BL energy loss to provide template functions in KL
    • Domizia is not using the MAUS reconstruction
    • Many cross-checks to be done on e.g. the muon beam shape at TOF, etc for MC comparison
  1. Elevated beam line
    • Examine effect of "elevating" the beam line into the MICE hall
  1. Tracker alignment on cosmics
    • See slides
    • Some discussion on tracker alignment paper (slide 2)
      • Needs another go with better statistics
      • Does not decouple effect of magnet alignment and effect of tracker alignment
    • 20 muons per day going horizontally through the trackers
    • Needs lots of tracker DAQ work - not trivial
    • Discussion - how does tracker align to other detectors
  1. Step IV.0 beam optimisation
    • Pasternak - responsible for providing beam settings under beamline group
      • beamline working group - Popovic, Leonova, Nugent, Baptiste, lead by Pasternak
    • Will have first round of currents CM38
  1. Step IV.0 beam -> MAUS
    • Branch gone into test, failing on one or two tests, aim for next release
  1. Step IV reduced FC current
    • Moving a little more slowly than hoped
    • Hope for Step IV geometry by CM, but start with imprecise geometry

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