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h1. Online Reconstruction Setup - PC 10/11/2011 - Chris Rogers 

 For the running we hope to mimic the TOF functionality that was available in G4MICE, except phase space plots will not be available 

 * Online recon in G4MICE has been observed to work and make plots.  
 ** Unfortunately there was some problem with the DAQ so I could see no data in either DAQ monitoring or the G4MICE monitoring.  
 ** Conversation with Linda => we will spend some time with beam before the main running period to make sure this works. 
 *** Combining with target test potentially 
 * We still need to write the (small) piece of code that pulls the relevant data from the TOF reconstruction stream 
 * We still need to install MAUS on the OnRec machines.  
 ** We have installed on a mimic test machine of the control room machines and checked everything works okay. 
 ** We are waiting for an OS upgrade of the relevant machines before doing the install on the OnRec machines. 

 I will reserve the week 21-25 November to make sure that this stuff all glues together properly.