Thursday 2nd June 14:00 BST; we will be in the MICE meeting room in R1.

Phone details:


Rogers and Victoria:
  • "Top-down" list of plots
  • Estimate of the systematic error associated with rate-dependence in TOF?
  • Does TOF calibration vs path length help at all?
Chris Hunt: Scott and Tanaz:
  • What is the impurity reported by MC, based on Scott cuts?
  • Can we confirm that the muon shoulder arises due to diffuser? i.e. extrapolate reconstructed tracks back to the diffuser position, what is the radius?
  • Any results for likelihood-based PID?
Jan and Rogers:
  • What is the source of disagreement between TOF and tracker?
    • What is the material budget between TOF and tracker? Is it correct? (See Francois also)
Joe and Victoria:
  • Are the OPERA model and Hall probes consistent? How big are the inconsistencies?
  • Continue trying to untangle the field mapping data for SSU
  • Is the diffuser fixed yet? What about upstream tracker window?
  • Can the agreement between MC and data be improved?
    • At what statistical significance do MC and data disagree?
    • What are the systematic errors (e.g. from quad/dipole/solenoid settings, incorrect material model etc)?
  • Decoupled/2D emittance calculation?

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