Friday 22nd April at 15:00 BST; for those at RAL, we will be in the MICE meeting room in R1.

Phone Details


  • Energy loss - Rhys Gardener, Dimitrije Maletic
  • Multiple Scattering (field off) - John Nugent #1789
    • How closely does the MC resemble the data?
    • What does the R matrix look like in the first unfolding?
  • AOB
  • Date of Next Meeting
    • Thursday 28th April - workshop


  • For TOF binned MCS distribution, should normalise the vertical stripes (so that one can see scattering width vs TOF)
  • Deconvolution effects should be included in the systematics table
  • Lithium Hydride (for systematics) is in MICE note 448
  • lH2 vessel details (for systematics) is in MICE note 155; we could ask for new lH2 vessel analysis
    • Vicky Bayliss is contact
  • One could do a systematics study by looking at hit position in the absorber vs scattering angle
  • One should check that hadronic interactions don't make a significant contribution to the pion interactions

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