Optics and Magnets

Thursday 14th April 15:00 BST; we will be in the MICE meeting room in R1.

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  • Field mapping (Victoria/John Cobb/Jo Langlands)
  • Theoretical magnet parameters and effect of iron (Jaroslaw/Victoria)
  • Transfer matrix and magnet alignment (Sophie/Chris Rogers)
  • Beamline commissioning (Victoria/Jaroslaw)
    • Improving rate using pions (Jan/Paolo)
  • Step IV Optics (Ao Liu/Scott Berg)
    • Tracking (Ao/Ryan/Chris Hunt/Chris Rogers)
  • Algorithm to calculate the phase space volume (vs RMS emittance) (Tanaz Mohayai/Chris Rogers)
  • Bayesian analysis (Rob Ryne)
  • Demonstration of Ionisation Cooling paper (Jaroslaw/JB Lagrange)
  • Demonstration of Ionisation Cooling alignment and tolerances (Alan Young)
  • AOB
  • Date of Next Meeting
    • Thursday 24th March
    • CM44
    • Thursday 28th April - workshop


Paul Soler
Jaroslaw Pasternak
Tanaz Mohayai
Joe Langlands
Dave Neuffer

Make a field map of thin long coil and short fat coil; mix them to find a best fit; update the field maps;
  • JHC comments there are "better and less good" ways to do the fit
  • PS/CTR comments that if there are misalignments/etc in the hall probe data, they should be fixed before attempting any fitting
  • JHC suggests meeting with JL/VB
Beamline focus session
  • To go on workshop agenda
M2D issues
  • On Ao's list
  • Issue is
KDE - Tanaz
  • Estimated densities in 4D;
  • Data uploaded to 1839
Plastic absorbers - looks like plastic absorbers are at equilibrium emittnace in lattice shown
  • We would rather have LiH than the RF power supply if we had to make a decision
descope thoughts
  • General configuration options
  • FC RF Abs FC RF SS
  • RF FC Abs FC RF SS
  • Discuss/understand risk; would we want to junk SSD regardless because risk is too large that it fails?
  • Action: Question the engineers
    • From MEMO 19 April: Colin Whyte gives us guidance that we can do anything reasonable with axial positions of optics elements
    • Best to steer clear of the supports
  • Action: Stability of beamline
  • Action: Need to study optics
  • Action: reconstruction of TKU in FC

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